If I was your man

If I was your man
I hope you do understand
I’ll speak ever so simply, making you so easily
My focus to being a better man

I’d listen to you
Be attentive to all that you do
I may not have to do it all, but I will hear it all
And all that you want shall be yours

If you were my girl
You wont know what’s a quarrel
I’ll defend you from every hassle, protect with every hustle
And some days even bring you pearls

I’ll take you around
Make you the best you can be
Even if you miss by a mile, I’d still wear a proud smile
Knowing you’re the best that could be found

But I’m not your man
How could anyone possibly understand
All the love buried in my heart, it’s amazing we’re apart
Yet my heart only beats as I’m your man



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To My Valentine

Dear Miss Habiba,
How convenient to be named a lover

How do you do my dear
Forgive distance, you own my warmth and care
In the beginning, they say begin
but I hold my protest within

How do I begin to utter audible words,
a feeling that conquered even kings and lords.
How do I beg my heart to willingly lend,
what my soul cannot possibly comprehend.
I search high and low so my pen may discover,
from eyes and lips of the loved and the lover.
With comfort it cuddles the cradle and grave,
in kindness it finds the coward and the brave.
In ’tis warmth life springs as summer reigns
Among ’tis profit we all have gains
In ’tis name we often sheath our knives
And in ’tis melody we find the tune of our lives
I could go on with telling you this tale
But ’tis one you are probably known to hail
As you were born on the feast of Lupercalia,
You became Cupids kin beyond ancient italia.
Even as love found origins from your kith
Even as all this sounds like an old myth
In an undenying atmosphere
where love is in the air
I write this to wish you love
and more than you can think of

While honors and pleasures all remain mine
I remain yours with love, your Valentine
Inspired by true love

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Forgetful lady

Forget me not I begged a lady
Whose tender love I strongly seek
Her beauty and faith, and strength maybe
Has stolen words my tongue aught speak

Forget not the radiance of her face
Dimming the brilliance of the moon
“…I am not the fairest…” she says
In modesty she generously forgets the soon

What though my faith in her be shaken
What thief sent her memory aflown
A new hope that has us believing
With faith comes lots of joy unknown

So speak here, kind dear Lady
For with your memory flies my sails
All you have to do is remember me
And I shall remember everything else
…for you.

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Smile my lady though art be fleeing,
bring me thy comfort and thy care.
Help me calm this heart thoust seeking,
thee who’s ever so lovely, so fair.

Raise my face oh darling,
and whisper it all in my ear;
The dept of love’s abyss we fallen,
Then say your goodbye my dear

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A thousand words… cuz silence hurts

A thousand words… cuz silence hurts

For all the many distant smiles,
and the slightest overwhelming whiles.
I beg of you, say to me a thousand words,
because the silence, this silence hurts.

Say, do, curse me a curse of foes,
or praise me with a gentle prose.
Say anything, say to me a thousand words,
and end this foolishness of one liner swords.

Tell of your glory, tell me your story
tell me the lies and secrets don’t you worry
My ears are yours, say to me a thousand words,
your sweet voice is worth a thousand worlds.

Save me a rhyme, sing me a song
sing aloud, this is where you belong
The song is for us, say to me a thousand words
or I shall slave for you a thousand chores

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Hello to my Words!

Welcome to my blog. I’m going to use this medium to communicate my words in poetry and short writings that I may convey to you ideas and inspirations and learn from yours.

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