If I was your man

If I was your man
I hope you do understand
I’ll speak ever so simply, making you so easily
My focus to being a better man

I’d listen to you
Be attentive to all that you do
I may not have to do it all, but I will hear it all
And all that you want shall be yours

If you were my girl
You wont know what’s a quarrel
I’ll defend you from every hassle, protect with every hustle
And some days even bring you pearls

I’ll take you around
Make you the best you can be
Even if you miss by a mile, I’d still wear a proud smile
Knowing you’re the best that could be found

But I’m not your man
How could anyone possibly understand
All the love buried in my heart, it’s amazing we’re apart
Yet my heart only beats as I’m your man



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